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Repair, Restore or Reclaim Fireplaces, Railings & Gates.

My name is Malcolm Wilson, and I specialise in the restoration and repair of fireplaces, gates, railings, fire surrounds, fire grates and fire guards.

I've worked on the restoration and repair work of many different forms of ironmongery; from simple grates, right up to spiral staircases!

I aim to provide the most cost-effective methods, whilst producing results of a particularly high quality.

I want give you the opportunity get in touch with me and provide any information that you may require about my services.

I have a number of options available, should you want to get in touch......

Narrowboat stove restoration

I can supply and fit replacement firebricks for the Morso squirrel stove and offer restoration of all types of stove. Visit my MW stove restoration website for more details.


Feel free to contact me, by phone on:

07801 651715

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I look forward to hearing from you, and establishing how I can help you RepairRestore or Reclaim your once beautiful fireplace to its former glory.

Thank you for visiting!

* All items are examples of Repair, Reclaim or Restoration work I have previously undertaken.

Items shown are NOT for sale.

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