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               THE 3 R's

Repair   -   Restore   -   Reclaim


Restoring fireplaces back to their original condition is my main point of focus and with over 20 years of experience, I ensure that you will receive individual attention, my expert advice and a top quality service.

So when it comes to fireplaces, how can I help you?


Welding cast takes time and care, I can repair most breakages or cracks. All I need is for you to send me a photo of the damaged/broken item, so I can take a look in advance. I will call you personally, after looking at the item, to discuss the repair in more detail and we can arrange a visit, at a time that suits you best!


You might uncover an old fireplace and find that parts are missing or the back is damaged and broken. Or perhaps, the tiles are cracked and/or missing - I will obtain any parts that are required, new or old. The backs can be replaced and tiles can be also replaced or sometimes repaired.


Do you have an old stove or fireplace that needs bringing back to its original state, or sandblasted and restored by expert hands? This is where I can help! Not only that, but also I polish brass and cast, to brighten up and bring life back to any fireplace etc...

Please take a look at the Portfolio section of the website, showing examples of my work and how your fireplace or stove etc, could be restored!